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At Ark Animal Hospital in Jefferson, LA, we understand that pets can face complex health issues that require specialized care. Our dedicated team of veterinarians specializes in internal medicine, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases originating in specific body systems. With our advanced internal medicine services, we aim to provide comprehensive care to improve your pet's overall well-being.

What is Veterinary Internal Medicine?

Veterinary internal medicine is a specialized field that addresses diseases and disorders affecting various body systems. These include but are not limited to the endocrine, gastrointestinal, immune, lymphatic, renal, respiratory, and urogenital systems. Our skilled veterinarians have extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas, allowing them to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Comprehensive Internal Medicine Services:

At Ark Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of internal medicine services to meet the unique needs of your beloved pet. Our experienced veterinarians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and techniques to accurately identify and manage health issues. Our services include:

1. Preventive Care: Regular wellness exams and screenings help identify potential health concerns before they become serious. Our internal medicine specialists provide thorough evaluations, customized vaccination plans, and preventive treatments tailored to your pet's specific needs.

2. Advanced Diagnostics: We employ advanced diagnostic methods, such as laboratory tests, imaging technologies, and specialized procedures, to obtain precise information about your pet's condition. This allows us to develop targeted treatment plans and monitor their progress effectively.

3. Treatment and Management: Our internal medicine team creates personalized treatment plans to address your pet's specific condition. From medication management to dietary recommendations, we focus on alleviating symptoms, slowing disease progression, and enhancing your pet's quality of life.

4. Collaborative Approach: We believe in a collaborative approach to veterinary care. Our internal medicine specialists work closely with other veterinary professionals within our clinic, including surgeons and critical care experts, to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for your pet.

Service Areas:

Ark Animal Hospital is conveniently located in Jefferson, LA, and proudly serves the surrounding areas of Old Jefferson, Metairie, and New Orleans. If your pet requires specialized internal medicine services, trust our experienced team to deliver compassionate and advanced care.

Take the Next Step Towards Your Pet's Well-being:

If your pet is experiencing health issues or you suspect an underlying medical condition, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our internal medicine specialists. At Ark Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional veterinary care to improve the health and happiness of your cherished companion.

Choose Ark Animal Hospital for advanced internal medicine services and give your pet the best chance at a healthy and fulfilling life. Contact us today to book a consultation and take the next step towards your pet's well-being.

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